King Charles III. Coin with the image of the new monarch shown for the first time

The British Royal Mint unveiled a new 50-cent coin on Friday. It is the first one with the image of King Charles III. The face of the new monarch on the coin points to the left, contrary to the image of his mother, Elizabeth II. The money is to enter into circulation later this year.

According to tradition, after the new ruler takes over the British throne, his image appears on banknotes and coins. Currently, there are approximately 29 billion coins with the image in circulation Queen Elizabeth II. After her death and accession to the throne of King Charles III they will now be gradually replaced.

On Friday, the Royal Mint officially unveiled the new money, which will soon be in the wallets of the British. The left profile will be visible on the new coin with a circulation value of 50p Charles III. The same portrait will be used on the £ 5 collector’s coin.

Coin with the image of King Charles IIIRoyal Mint

Image Queen Elizabeth II on money it was directed in the opposite direction. “Charles has followed the general tradition of British coinage, which continues to this day, of facing the new monarch in the opposite direction to his predecessor,” said Chris Barker of the Royal Mint Museum, quoted by The Guardian.

“King Charles III, by God’s grace, defender of faith”

According to the British Mint, the author of the coin is the sculptor Martin Jennings. On its reverse there is a Latin inscription “:: CHARLES III :: D :: G :: REX :: F :: D :: 5 POUNDS :: 2022”, which in Polish translation means “King Charles III of God’s grace, defender of faith “. The monarch poses on the coin without a crown, unlike Elizabeth II, whose image was decorated with the royal insignia.

– We expect customers to be able to purchase coins from the commemorative series in October. They will appear in circulation as 50p coins in December, said Nicola Howell, commercial director of the Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint also announced that a collector’s coin commemorating Elizabeth II will be available for sale on Monday. It will be worth £ 5, and on the reverse side there will be two Queen’s porters – one from her youth, the other from the last years of her life. Another version of the coin will contain only one image of Elizabeth, traditionally pointing to the right.

Commemorative coin with Elizabeth IIRoyal Mint

Charles III on coins in Australia

Coins with the image of Charles III will go to the wallets of not only the British, but also residents of other Commonwealth countries. Australia’s deputy treasury minister has already announced that money with the face of the new king will be released into circulation in early 2023. He noted, however, that the image of Charles III will not appear on the five-dollar bill that now has the image of Elizabeth II.

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Main photo source: EPA

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