King Charles III and Prince William went out to those waiting to pay their respects to the Queen

King Charles III of Great Britain and his elder son, Prince William, unexpectedly left around noon to meet the people waiting in line to Westminster Hall, where the coffin containing the body of Queen Elizabeth II is displayed.

The new king and new heir to the throne, Charles III and his son, Prince William, talked for several minutes in Lambeth on the south bank of the Thames with those standing in line to pay tribute to the late Elizabeth II, and shook their hands.

As of early Saturday afternoon, the estimated waiting time to enter Westminster Hall is 14 hours, which means the queue has shrunk considerably as it was more than 24 hours on Friday at one point.

On Friday evening, Charles III and his three younger siblings took part in the vigil at the coffin of Elizabeth II, in a ceremony called the Dukes’ Vigil.

On Saturday evening, Prince William will attend a similar vigil – along with the seven remaining grandchildren of the deceased monarch.

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