Kayah’s performance did not impress. The first day of Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2022 is behind us [RELACJA]

  • Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2022 began on Tuesday in Sopot
  • The event, which is a direct continuation of the Sopot Festival, organized by the TVN station, will last until Friday, August 19.
  • The first day of the festival was held under the slogan #YOU_ARE_THE_CHAMPIONS – this was the title of the concert, which was in fact a thank you to Poles for their heart in difficult times.
  • The level of the concert stayed close to the festival’s average – with a few up and down deviations
  • The product placement of a product produced by one of the sponsors of the event, served to us by TVN, brought us back to the 1990s for a while and could unintentionally be associated with skits from “The continuation of the program in a moment”
  • Kayah left a bad impression – she sang casually, acted weird, and one of her comments was eminently out of place
  • The leaders put a few pins on the rulers
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Polsat Super Hit Festival 2022 was already this year, now it is Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2022, organized by TVN – formally constituting an extension of the international Festival in Sopot. If only because it is here that the tradition of awarding the Amber Nightingale award is maintained. There are many similarities, but there are also many differences – first of all, Sopot used to be an international festival; this year, on the first day at least, the cast was exclusively Polish. It is true that Cornelia Jakobs, the Swedish representative from this year’s Eurovision, was to perform, but illness stood in the way.

On the first day of the festival, there was only one concert, but a very long one, lasting almost four hours, separated by three 15-minute advertising blocks. TVN announced #YOU_ARE_THE_CHAMPIONS as “a story about love, friendship, empathy, and help for those in need,” de facto dedicating the event to all Poles who show these qualities in today’s difficult times – first of all, they showed a great heart to refugees from Ukraine. Of course, all this was also used to emphasize the role played by the TVN Foundation “Nie You Are Sam” in helping others.

Mrozu at the Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2022Mrozu at Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2022 – Podlewski / AKPA

It was not a long concert. Mrozu started the game – first with a rock ‘n’ roll “Aura”, then with a light funky “Too Far” and bluesy “How not us, then who”. It was very retro, also quite energetic, and above all on a level – the same can be said about the trip to the early 1980s performed by Lady Pank – “Dance stupid dance” and “Crisis bride” always work, which cannot be said about “We Drink for Better Time” by Smolasty and 70 Hunho, with the use of a nightmare auto tune. Fortunately, the Wolves probably didn’t take offense, as after a while they played “Nothing happened” and “BaĘka” themselves. It was very solid, it was difficult not to sing with the ensemble at least the refrains, although it is not so easy to get used to Robert Gawliński’s short hairstyle.

What followed was one of the most peculiar performances in Sopot in recent years. Unfortunately, she didn’t show off Kayahwho started her mini-recital with a cover of Gloria Gaynor’s 70s disco anthem, I Will Survive. It did not sound good, the performance made a sloppy impression, and yet after a while we heard from the artist’s lips:

“I sang this song twenty years ago on this stage with Gloria Gaynor, what, and unfortunately I did it better”

Apart from the fact that it took place in 2007, i.e. fifteen years ago, and Kayah did not sing with Gloria Gaynor (the American was then accompanied by only the female choir of the Polish star), although during the same evening she faced “I Will Survive “, that kind of judgment from her mouth was out of place to say the least.

However, this was not the end of Kayah’s peculiar behavior – when Mery Spolsky invited her to perform “Supermaids”, at one point she began to disrupt her performance with strange remarks, which were supposed to be a situational joke. Did not work. Just like the caressing diminutive of the artist’s name and surname, with whom she performed “Na Języ” this time. “My next guest has a different name, but I cannot announce it otherwise. Igorek Herbutek, I love you!” Fortunately, vocalist LemON approached it with a distance, and later in the evening he returned to the stage with his band to recall the solo ballad “Wkręceni” and the hit “Scarlett”, separated by a duet with Kuba Badach. “I like to come back where I was” by Zbigniew Wodecki always works at festivals, and Badach’s baritone placed this performance close to the original.

Kayah and Igor Herbut during a concert at the Top of the Top Sopot Festival in Sopot 2022Kayah and Igor Herbut during the concert at the Top of the Top Sopot Festival in Sopot 2022 – REPORTER / Wojciech Strozyk / Reporter

The concert program was arranged according to the well-known “set” scheme, so everyone could perform before or after each (and with everyone!). For example, the modern pop Grzegorz Hyży (“Darling is me!”, “About Pani”) in front of the olsdchool Jarym Closed Branch (“Andzia,” Party “), and the rock band Patrycja Markowska, including quite boldly facing” Layla ” Eric Clapton, after the folk-pop Kwiecie Jabłoni, also in a duet with Julia Pietrucha in “Roads of Straight.” The meeting of Meza and Kasia Wilk after many years was not entirely convincing, who recalled their cult, which was emphasized by the hosts, the hit “Important”. for a few surprises – like a nice sample of the Musical Theater in Poznań performance “Kombinat”, filled with works by Grzegorz Ciechowski, here in the form of “There will be a plan” of the Republic. Mitch & Mitch faced the works of Ennio Morricone, performing “Agromenti”, a bossa nova from the movie “Precious Loot”, originally sung by Astrud Gilberto.

The rest of the article is available under the video

He left a great impression Krzysztof Cugowski, which reached for two less obvious songs from the Budka Suflera catalog, the title track from the album “Ratujmy co się da” (1988) and the poignant song “Cisza jak ta” from “Cisza” (1993), embedded in the context of the concert itself. . Beautiful, classy and with a voice always like a bell.

Unfortunately, the final disappointed. Łukasz Zagrobelny knows how to sing, but it is not enough for him to take on Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and to get away with it.

Paulina Krupińska-Karpiel and Mateusz Hładki at the festival in Sopot, 2022.Paulina Krupińska-Karpiel and Mateusz Hładki at the festival in Sopot, 2022 – Podlewski / AKPA

In the case of festivals organized by TVN or Polsat, we have a few problems that we deal with at TVP events – the main problem is the short bench. In other words, they are unlikely to be boycotted or omitted by most artists, even if the same names are repeated frequently on three televisions. There are also no such frequent maneuvers towards “the best Sopot audience in the world” and tiring, moderately funny word games performed by the hosts – here we dealt with two pairs Mateusz Hładki and Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak as well as Olivier Janiak and Paulina Krupińska.

The leaders hammered a few subtle and brilliant pins to the rulers. For example Olivier Janiak, announcing the performance of the Jabłoni Flower:

“In our musical story we could not miss a band that is like a missing ton of coal necessary to warm our homes in the cold time”

Curtain. It is a pity, however, that during a behind-the-scenes conversation with the alleged dancer, we were served an embarrassing product placement of a product produced by one of the festival’s sponsors – it was possible for a moment to go back to the crude marketing of the 90s or even to the brilliant skits from “The continuation of the program in a moment”.

In a moment, or actually today, the second day of the festival, this time dictated by #I_DANCE. Will we survive?


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