Katarzyna Piekielna raises money to fight cancer

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– It’s terrible to get up every morning and not recognize each other in the mirror. What’s more, not to get along with your own body, which you no longer control. I think it is difficult for every person who has been active so far – says Katarzyna.

A long-awaited diagnosis

A year ago, the woman was fit and looked much different. She then alerted the media that the operation, which was necessary to diagnose a suspected brain tumor, is being postponed all the time due to the pandemic. She pointed out that cancer patients were relegated to the background.

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Two months after the issue of the report in Note !, the woman underwent a procedure of collecting a sample of the lesion in her head, right next to the brain stem.

After the operation, Katarzyna found out that she had a 1st degree astrocytoma, which is considered a benign tumor. However, the location of the tumor and its diffusion make it impossible to remove.

– Its location within the medulla, i.e. the structure responsible for basic life functions such as breathing and blood circulation, is problematic. This is where all motor paths innervate the whole body from the brain through the cerebral core, explains Dr. Piotr Komuński, a neurosurgeon from the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Zgierz.

– It is a cancer which, as it grows, destroys and oppresses the surrounding structures. As a result, it leads to very serious damage to the nervous system, and even to the death of the patient – adds Dr. Komuński.

Rely on loved ones

The tumor presses on the nerves, causing paresis on the left side of the body. Therefore, Ms Katarzyna is dependent on the help of her family, neighbors and friends.

The woman lives in the top floor of an old tenement house in the center of Łódź. Walking becomes more and more difficult for her. Without the help of a loved one, she is afraid of going outside alone.

– He has great fortitude. It never shows breakdowns. This is a person who does not like to ask for help, is ashamed of it – says Beata Kudlinska-Wodo, a friend of Katarzyna. And she adds: – The most difficult thing for her is the loss of fitness and independence.

Sometimes I notice how people look at me. My mouth is swollen so I think someone might think I’m an alcoholic. And the fact that I am still rocking from curb to curb does not improve it – admits the woman and adds: – I try not to look at people and not to see these looks.

Support group

Ms Katarzyna, in need of motivation to fight the disease, set up a group called “Controlled conversation #” on social media. It is a form of a diary of a sick woman, but also a place where others can find support.

– Unfortunately, this type of cancer can be quite active, aggressive and grows larger. Despite the patient undergoing proton therapy, i.e. a form of radiotherapy, we are unfortunately observing the progression of the disease, says Dr. Piotr Komuński, neurosurgeon.

– I am aware that if this tumor grows by 2 centimeters every three months, I have little time – admits Katarzyna and adds: – I am reconciled with death. I am prepared for two variants – either I live a normal life or we will say goodbye. But I fight to the end.

“She did a lot of good and still does”

– The world is not fair. Kasia, who would give the heart and the last slice of bread to the needy, has to deal with something like this. This woman did a lot of good and still does, despite the fact that she is sick – says Martyna Matysiak, friend and former ward of Katarzyna.

A year ago, Katarzyna worked as a psycho-pedagogue and coordinator of family assistants at the Łódź Social Welfare Center. He is now living on rehabilitation allowance and is worried that he will never be fit again.

– My greatest regret is that I cannot return to my work, because in my condition it is not possible. I am very afraid of the moment when the rehabilitation allowance will end. If I do not recover in six months, I will only have a pension. It may be such an amount that I will not even secure my existence – says the woman.


Looking for help, Katarzyna found out about a therapy dedicated only to her.

However, before a drug is found, a comprehensive molecular diagnostic test must be performed. The cost of such an analysis is over PLN 25,000. The study is not reimbursed, so the woman collects money on an online fundraiser. Extra money will be needed for the drug.

– At the moment, medicine has advanced a lot and such dedicated therapies are selected based on molecular tests. There is money, but not for such research. In my opinion, it should be considered that the surplus funds could be used for such purposes. This money is in the accounts and it does not help anyone, and patients have to finance their own treatment – says Joanna Frątczak-Kazana from the oncology foundation “Alivia”.

Katarzyna places all her hope in molecular testing and targeted therapy. Time is important because cancer grows.

– For the first time, someone gave me hope that I would recover. I believe with all my heart that I will return to normal, says Katarzyna.

Do you want to support Katarzyna in the fight against cancer? More information on how to help you can find HERE >>>

For the time being, the Medical Fund, which patients would like to use, remains unavailable, although this is a special pool of money secured by the Ministry of Health, among others for diagnostics and innovative treatment of neoplastic diseases. Last year, the fund remained unspent PLN 3.5 billion.

We asked the Ministry of Health about the possibility of financing Ms. Katarzyna’s examination and treatment from this pool. We did not receive any reply.

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