Katarzyna Guzik lost 100 kg. Now she helps others lose weight

Katarzyna Guzik lost 100 kg.  Now she helps others lose weight

Katarzyna Guzik lost 100 kg. Now she helps others lose weight

– I started with a weight of 185 kg, and then it systematically decreased until I got rid of 100 kg – says Katarzyna Guzik proudly.

– When she had a meeting with people from high school, she had to introduce herself, who she is, what her name is – laughs Paulina Malczyk, a friend of Katarzyna.

Weight problems

Katarzyna shares the effects of her extraordinary metamorphosis on social media. She admits that the problem of obesity has accompanied her since childhood. But it was only in adulthood that he became the greatest nuisance for her.

– Take, for example, public transport. Other passengers in such situations look, they do not always want to sit next to such a person. On the plane you have to ask the stewardess for an extra seat belt to be able to buckle up. All going out to parties … I was wondering if the chair I was going to sit on would be able to carry me – says the woman.


Mrs. Katarzyna’s fight for a new look and a new life began 3.5 years ago.

“The thought was that I’d just had enough.” That I want to change my life, I want it to be easier. That I wanted to show all the people who didn’t believe I would ever change that I could. But most of all I wanted to prove to myself that I was able to do it and that if I started it, I would see it through to the end – explains Guzik.

Mrs. Katarzyna, without the help of specialists, began to count the calories of the meals herself. She was looking for products that would give her a feeling of satiety and at the same time be low in calories. That’s why she started reading labels carefully when shopping.

– First of all, we look at labels and compare calories. There are 254 calories in 100 grams of salmon, and 71 in cod. You can even buy protein ice cream, which has 111 calories in 100 grams, and chocolate ice cream has 284 calories, which is almost three times more – he says.

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of culinary pleasures. Mrs. Katarzyna came up with recipes for cakes herself.

– I prepare desserts from low-calorie ingredients and they are sweetened with erythritol, i.e. a sugar substitute that has no calories – she reveals.

Even before losing weight, Katarzyna was a very sociable person and this has not changed in her.

“I remember once she sent me a picture in a brown dress that she had bought for herself and I thought it was impossible. I was proud because I saw how happy she was that she could finally buy clothes she liked – says Paulina Malczyk.

– I always had to sew dresses. They didn’t always look the way I imagined they would look, and now I can try on one and decide whether I like it, says Katarzyna.

On the Web

The woman runs her own company, is an instagrammer and influencer. Her passions are cooking and photography. When she began to win the fight against obesity, she set up a special Instagram account to share her weight loss experiences.

– I have a lot of comments that on both photos [przed schudnięciem i po – red.] is not the same woman. The funniest comment was left by a gentleman who wrote that he knew both of us and knew that they were two different people – laughs Katarzyna. And she adds: – I thought that if anyone who has been through similar situations will be helped by my story, then it’s worth a try.

Are there women who inform the heroine online that she helped them lose weight?

– I did not expect, but there are a lot of these women. I get comments from girls that they print out my before and after photos and keep them with them at all times. Some of them say that they stick my photos on the fridge – says Katarzyna.

– The materials that Kasia puts on the Internet and photos are very motivating. Kasia often says that you need to be in a caloric deficit. I started counting calories and gave myself time. I lost almost 30 kg – says Paulina Potera-Cwyl.

– I lost 25 kg, but I’m not stopping there. Kasia showed me that there is a process, that we don’t gain weight in a month or two, but it is an accumulation of certain bad emotions over several months or years. At this point, I don’t expect to lose weight in a quarter or half a year – says Dorota Korman. And he adds: – Kasia also emphasizes on her profile a very important thing that you need to be tested. Thanks to Kaśka, I did the research.

“A mixture of delicacy and extraordinary strength”

Katarzyna’s stunning metamorphosis arouses great interest. Her story appears in various articles and interviews.

– When I recorded a podcast with her for the “Dalej” channel, it turned out that she is a special mix of delicacy, sensitivity, and at the same time extraordinary strength and determination – says Martyna Wojciechowska and adds: – One day she got up and said: “enough”. this can be transferred to every sphere of our lives, because in fact everything starts with a decision. Then you have to avoid the reefs that are at sea. Sometimes we have to run into some of them. We have to stumble. Kasia is a great example that you can make decisions every day of your life make a decision and stick with it.

– Kasia did it with hard work, for me it is a beautiful story. There is Kasia’s warmth that emanates from her on Instagram. She has a lot of time for these people, she really spends hours a day to be in touch with her followers, with people who write her very personal messages. She has a lot of strength to help these people somehow, even just to support them mentally, because they know that she was also in the same place as them – says Paulina Malczyk.

– What has changed the most is my psyche, I have a different approach to people, myself, the world and life. I have become an incredibly strong person – says Katarzyna Guzik.

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