Katarzyna Grochola is suffering from cancer. She also battled cancer years ago. “Doctors were convinced that it was not worth doing surgery”

Katarzyna Grochola is suffering from cancer.  She also battled cancer years ago.  “Doctors were convinced that it was not worth doing surgery”

Katarzyna Grochola is suffering from cancer. She also battled cancer years ago. “Doctors were convinced that it was not worth doing surgery”

  1. Katarzyna Grochola is one of the most widely read Polish writers, the author of numerous moral novels, including “Never in my life”

  2. Recently, she published a recording on Instagram, where, accompanied by a pulmonologist, she says that she will have more frequent meetings with the doctor. She also warns her fans against one habit, suggesting that it contributed to her health problems

  3. The writer has already battled cancer. When she was 30, she heard that she had cancer and that the tumor was inoperable. Doctors gave her three months to live

  4. More information can be found on the Onet home page

Szelągowska about her mother’s illness: “she did not have the strength to talk”

Dorota Szelągowska in her latest column “informed” that her mother is struggling with cancer. “Mom has cancer. I didn’t tell you because it turned out suddenly. Surgery in a few hours. She said everything will be fine.” we read.

In the following, the presenter refers to Katarzyna Grochola’s diagnosis several times, though indirectly. He writes, among others about the premiere of the play in which her son (Antoni Sztaba) plays, when – during intermission – she called her mother, but she “didn’t have the strength to talk”. “She will probably go in December, when her drains are taken out” – added the author.

Szelągowska also mentioned that she and her sister visited the notary public because “the mother wants to settle some matters.”

The rest of the article is below the video.

Katarzyna Grochola did not comment on her daughter’s publication. On December 12, however, she published a short video on her Instagram in the company of Dr. Sebastian Winiarski, a surgeon specializing in cancer and other diseases of the chest and lungs. In it, the doctor says that they will now see each other “a little more often”. The writer added with a smile: “Don’t be so stupid and don’t smoke cigarettes.” This may mean that Grochola is suffering from lung cancer.

Grochola already had health problems

This is not the first cancer diagnosis in her life. In 2019, the writer confessed that three decades earlier (she was about 30 years old at the time) she was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

“I was so scared I don’t remember feeling anything. I don’t remember much at all. I think I fainted on the street. I remember some people and the car they used to give me a lift home… […] But the worst time is the period between the collection of specimens for examination and the final confirmation of the diagnosis – she said in an interview with Agata Domańska from the Świat Zdrowia website.

The writer mentioned that the doctors deemed her tumor inoperable. “I was sitting at the table, opposite me, seven doctors who convinced me that surgery at this stage was not worth doing, it was not advisable, it was too late. And I told them that I had to operate, that time was running out. that there are other forms of therapy, but I did not accept it and replied that we would talk about it after the operation. Fortunately, I had a friend in this hospital, a doctor. He was the one who convinced the others to operate on me, even if it was a placebo operation” — she told.

Katarzyna Grochola was then operated on and recovered. The writer did not specify what kind of cancer she was struggling with. When asked if she cares more about herself after the illness, she replied: “I’m not a good example because I’m a convert convert and I do things I shouldn’t do, even if I smoke, which doesn’t sound good when talking to someone who has had cancer… But I’m limiting the number of cigarettes, so that’s something…”.

Lung cancer – causes, symptoms, prognosis

Lung cancer is the most common malignancy. In Poland, it is diagnosed in over 22,000 people each year. people. Until recently, it was diagnosed more often in men, but recently there has been an upward trend in women (it is also the most common cause of death due to cancer). The prognosis is usually unfavorable because the cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage. About 13% survive five years after diagnosis. sick.

As with other cancers, there is no 100% certainty as to what causes lung cancer to develop. There are many indications that exposure to tobacco smoke, especially active smoking, has an impact. In non-smokers, genetic factors, passive smoking, as well as environmental factors, such as air pollution, may come into play.

Among the most characteristic lung cancer symptoms are mentioned:

  1. chronic or recurrent cough,

  2. recurrent pneumonia,

  3. shortness of breath,

  4. hoarseness,

  5. hemoptysis.

However, these symptoms usually appear when the cancer is already advanced. Initially, the disease may be asymptomatic or the symptoms are confusing, characteristic of many diseases.

The treatment of lung cancer depends on many factors, including: the location of the tumor, the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient. If the tumor is operable, chemotherapy is often used before surgery. If surgery is not possible, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and symptomatic treatment are usually recommended.

Malignant neoplasms in Poland [INFOGRAFIKA]

Malignant neoplasms in Poland [INFOGRAFIKA]

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