Katarzyna Cichopek presents autumn boots. Fans delighted with the creativity of the star

September is the perfect time to buy autumn boots. He knows it Katarzyna Cichopek, who presented her autumn shoes on Instagram. The video published by her delighted fans who were impressed by the creativity of the star. We advise where to find the model that Cichopek wears.

Boots in the style of Katarzyna Cichopek. Perfect for fall

In the published video you can see how Katarzyna Cichopek changes summer wedges and flip-flops for autumn boots. The star informed that the shoes come from the born2be online store. However, it turns out that the boots presented by the actress have already been sold out. Only the latest models are available on the website – w black or a brown color version. With the code “KASIA” you can buy them for PLN 149.25.

Cowboy-style boots Photo born2be

You can find various models of cowboy-style ankle boots on sale at the Kazar store. Their prices start from PLN 299. We especially liked these two models. Suede cowboy boots will be a perfect complement to autumn stylizations. It is worth choosing especially simple models in typical autumn colors, such as brown, beige or black. You can wear cowboy-style ankle boots with your favorite jeans and an oversized jacket. They also look great in a set with a dress or skirt.

Cowboy-style bootsCowboy-style boots Photo Kazar

CCC also offers cowboy-style boots. Their prices start from PLN 129.99. These two models from Badura and Jenny Fairy caught our attention. Cowboy boots are an excellent choice for the upcoming season. They will add character to any autumn styling.

Cowboy-style bootsCowboy-style boots Photo CCC

Katarzyna Cichopek like a fashion blogger. Rollers are an Instagram hit

The attention of Internet users was attracted not only by the star’s fashionable ankle boots, but also by her creativity. The video published by Katarzyna Cichopek was very ingenious and perfectly edited. Fanki wrote in the comments:

Your skates are polished and creative. I love watching them.

These videos are great.

It’s amazing how you embrace these rollers.

Katarzyna Cichopek has to follow the example of Instagram fashion bloggers who love creating video content. “Rolls” are short Instagram videos with attached music. In Poland, the possibility of creating them appeared last year and they have been gaining popularity since then.

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