Katarzyna Cichopek in a bold pink stylization. The fans are divided

A well-known and liked program leader “Question for breakfast”, in a break between different projects, recently she had allowed herself a few days off, but it was no blissful laziness. She gave an account of horseback riding on the seashore and daily jogging. An active lifestyle gives spectacular results, because the presenter can boast impeccable figurewhich he also likes to emphasize in his stylizations.

Yesterday the presenter showed up in an intensely pink tight-fitting set from the Polish brand. Short top exposed a flat stomach, a skirt with a deep slit, she emphasized slender legs.

The fans did not hide their admiration:

You look like a million dollars.

You look gorgeous!

Beautiful woman.

However, some people had strong reservations about choosing a brand to work with, reporting low-quality clothing.

Material like paper.

Very poor quality stuff, I fell for once and bought it, drama, drama, drama!

Exactly, I do not recommend it, things differ a lot from what is shown in the pictures, and the material also gives a lot to be desired, I cut it several times.

How is it actually? We don’t know, but we found it some interesting suggestions in a similar style at sales in Polish chain stores and at very attractive prices.

On a daily basis, Katarzyna Cichopek’s profile shows different styling, from cute dresses to classics in a new edition. The ones presented during the recordings for the next edition of the program look extremely interesting “You can dance. “And she will act as a juror. The oversize suit in an energetic yellow color draws attention.

In addition to the two formats mentioned, another one will premiere today: “Arrangement operation”, which will be available on TVP Woman. It will be an interior design program in which Katarzyna, together with architect Jonathan Kilczewski, will change the houses and apartments of Polish families.

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