Kasia Cichopek showed Christmas decorations at home

Kasia Cichopek showed Christmas decorations at home

Kasia Cichopek showed Christmas decorations at home

Kasia Cichopek boasted beautiful Christmas decorations online. It’s fun to watch him prepare for Christmas. A grand Christmas tree and Bethlehem stars are just the beginning.

Kasia Cichopek divorced after 17 years of living together Marcin Hakiel. The spouses divorced in August, and each of them is building a new life with subsequent partners. presenter Breakfast questions she is dating Maciej Kurzajewski. The couple revealed that they are a couple on the star’s 40th birthday TVPwhich they celebrated together in Israel. The lovers celebrated this important day there, but the journalist’s ex-wife did not like it, who directed a lot of bitter words at them.

After the divorce, Kasia lived alone. The dancer stayed in the apartment she had so far occupied with her family. Star TVP she has already settled in a new place and showed some rooms of the apartment to her fans on Instagram.

Now, like most Plakas, she is preparing for Christmas, which, unfortunately, will be spent without her children for the first time. Even before the divorce, they agreed with their ex-husband that he would take care of Adam and Helenka at that time. Kasia talked about Christmas plans in an interview with a Jastrząb Post reporter.

We don’t really know how we’re going to spend the holidays yet. It will be a special Christmas because I share care with my ex-husband and we have an agreement on this matter, we have known for some time how we will share Christmas when it comes to our common children, while I will do everything to make my kids feel the Christmas atmosphere, also being at my place, so I don’t rule out that I’ll just prepare Christmas earlier – Katarzyna betrayed.

Kasia Cichopek showed Christmas decorations

Just before December 6, Kasia decided to take care of the right mood at home. She has just boasted on the web of gifts she prepared, but above all a magnificent Christmas tree and decorations. There was also a tree full of colorful decorations, Bethlehem stars, lanterns and other Christmas motifs.

The star herself also took care of the appropriate styling. Bringing the festive mood into the house, she showed up in an elegant black and white dress that emphasized the waist and exposed legs.

You can see more photos of how Kasia is getting ready for Christmas in our gallery. Do you like the decorations?

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