Kasia Cichopek showed a holiday photo. “Something’s gone wrong”

Smiling and relaxed Kasia Cichopek motivates to physical activity and regular training. The star lost a lot of weight some time ago and now impresses with a slim, athletic figure. Her latest photo sparked an avalanche of positive comments, but a few people allowed themselves to be snappy.

Kasia Cichopek sets a good example by wearing a baseball cap. In summer, you shouldn’t forget to protect your head from the sun. For this dark glasses, a short top and headphones in the ears. With such equipment, running training is pure pleasure.

“Lovely Kasia you in white”, “What a miracle figure”, “Fantastic photo” – the actress does not regret compliments.

However, not everyone liked the latest photos of Kasia Cichopek. The second photo aroused a lot of emotions due to … the actress’s hands, which came out disproportionately long.

Kasia Cichopek on InstagramKasia Cichopek on Instagram – Instagram / katarzynacichopek

“Oh, something did not work out with the taking of this photo … well, caricatured hands” – points out one of the Internet users.

“It’s a wide-angle lens” – explains Kasia Cichopek.

Kasia Cichopek on vacationKasia Cichopek on vacation – instagram.com/katarzynacichopek/

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Breeze Set Deluxe Oceans ApartBreeze Set Deluxe Oceans Apart – Press materials

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