Kasia Cichopek in mini. Fans have one association

It is classic, elegant, but also very serious. And even boots with spectacular decorations do not change much. You can even get the impression that Kasia Cichopek looks sad. The host of “Question for Breakfast” got us used to the vivid colors and contrasts that are missing here.

The fans, however, liked the styling of Kasia Cichopek. The shoes aroused the greatest interest.

Beautiful, we love such styles

The style is great, but the shoes are love at first sight

In addition to compliments, a few people tried to make a more pictorial comparison.

– we read in one of the first comments.

In my eyes, Kasieńko, you are the Polish Elisabeth Taylor

– another Internet user is delighted.

Someone also called Kasia Cichopek skinny. This is not the first time that her slim figure has aroused emotions. Already in the spring, concerned fans asked the actress not to lose weight and directly wrote that it’s going the wrong way. The figure of the star has not changed since then, but for many people Kasia Cichopek is simply too thin and they preferred her previous figure.

Slimming according to ageSlimming according to age – Onet

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