Kasia Ankudowicz showed the apartment after renovation. Pictures

Kasia Ankudowicz bought a ruined apartment some time ago. The star has started a thorough renovation and has now shown the effects of a spectacular metamorphosis.

Kasia Ankudowicz is one of the most popular actresses of the young generation. She gained popularity the moment she appeared on the sitcom Bullioners. Series TVP He brought her a lot of fame and made it impossible for years to complain about the lack of work, but also the interest of fans. The actress has proven that she has great comedy talent, which directors willingly use.

The star appears not only on the small and large screens, but also on the stage of the theater. He has been combining absorbing work in show business with a successful private life for a long time. Despite her busy schedule, she also managed to start a family.

In 2016, she married the head of a sound company, and four years later they had a baby girl Constance. Some time ago she confessed that she got pregnant again, but this one ended in a miscarriage.

A month ago, on the eve of Kota’s second birthday, I learned that the second pregnancy did not survive, and that it was definitely the end. The end of the second month – she confessed on Instagram.

Kasia Ankudowicz showed the apartment after renovation

Katarzyna Ankudowicz, after difficult times, decided to take up her thoughts, and the renovation of the apartment was perfect for this. Just a few months ago, she showed a flat she had bought, which was a complete ruin. There was not even plaster on the walls, and the interiors needed thorough work.

For some time, Kasia kept her fans in suspense. It was only when the effects of the work were clearly visible that she added the first frames. Now she boasted about the finished renovation and interiors literally like from the catalog.

From complete ruin, she managed to create a modern apartment with interesting additions. The walls are painted white, which brightens individual rooms. We also see white wardrobes and a wooden floor which gives a lot of warmth. Glass walls and unusual chandeliers are an interesting element. A sofa in a bold color is a strong accent in the living room.

The kitchen, which has a glass island with a sink and a hob, also draws attention.

You can find photos in our gallery. How do you like Kasia’s apartment?

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