Karol Strasburger is getting divorced? There is an emphatic response from the Polish actor

Karol Strasburger is one of the stars adored by the audience. No wonder that many fans wonder what the private life of the host of “Familiada” looks like. The actor himself is quite cautious about this, protecting his loved ones. It is known that for several years the actor has been associated with Małgorzata Weremczuk, whom he married in August 2019. In the same year, their daughter Laura appeared in the world.

Strasburger rarely responds to media reports, but this time he made an exception. One portal decided to describe the fate of the character played by the actor in “M jak miłość”. However, the title suggested that it was Strasburger himself who decided to end the marriage! So Gwiazdor referred to it on Instagram, and then gave an interview in which he raised the issue once again.

In a statement for the Plejada.pl portal, Karol Strasburger did not hide that he did not support this form of providing information about the character he plays. “(…) They write nonsense, put it in my name, and this applies to the hero I play. How can it be? remarks and write bad and unpleasant things to her, that I make some strange moves, and it’s not me, because I’m not Argasin! ” – he explained.

Karol Strasburger has been appearing in “M jak miłość” since 2020. The character he plays – Jerzy Argasiński – is a “villain” who has long been associated with Patrycja (Alżbeta Lenska). The woman fell in love with Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz), but her bossy husband did not let her leave so easily. Karol Strasburger played the role of the series so well that some fans of “Emka” began to blur the line between the series’ fiction and reality.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that fans of “M jak miłość” “connect” the actor’s private life with the series. Recently, Krystian Wieczorek found himself in a similar situation. The hero he plays – Andrzej Budzyński – betrayed his wife (Anna Mucha) during a business trip. Not only that – he hid from his beloved the fact that his lover might be pregnant with him! Krystian Wieczorek published a post on Instagram a few months ago, in which, among others, called for a clear separation of the series from what is happening on a private basis.

“However, I would like to ask you not to write to me on priv. I get a lot of offensive messages confusing me with the character. If someone does not distinguish between these two realities, he should go to a specialist. Again, I am not Andrzej Budzyński and I am not the screenwriter of the series Mjm I’m just an actor trying to bring the letters of the script to life, “wrote the actor.

Author: Sabina Obajtek

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