Kanye West introduced North to his new wife. She wasn’t happy

Kanye West introduced North to his new wife.  She wasn’t happy

Kanye West introduced North to his new wife. She wasn’t happy

Until recently, gossip websites around the world wrote that Kanye West (according to his fans) disappeared like a stone in water. The controversial rapper in his own style reappeared in the media a few days ago, informing all interested parties that he got married in his absence. Since parting with Kim Kardashian the rapper already had at least a few “sympathy”, but the final choice fell on one Bianca Censoriwho collaborated with him on the Yeezy brand.

Of course, the beautiful Australian woman must have foreseen that she would face some unpredictable consequences by marrying West. In this case, it was taking a role stepmother of four children from her marriage to Kim Kardashian. Even the rapper himself is clearly aware that taming children with the new situation may not be the easiest task, which is why he tries to introduce his new love to the family step by step. As the first of the gang of little Wests, Bianca met the oldest, already 9 years old, North.

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The meeting was supposed to take place last Monday. At 18:20 Kanye and Bianca showed up at the Nobu luxury restaurant in Malibu. The paparazzi noticed that both he and she had wedding rings on their fingers. North arrived 10 minutes later, accompanied by a private security guard and a friend.

According to eyewitnesses, the staff of the premises was very careful to ensure that no one accidentally took pictures of the West family dinner. The only photos that reached the photo agencies were those taken in front of the restaurant building. The meeting ended at 20:23, so it didn’t even last two hours. North and her friend were escorted to a black SUV. As soon as the 9-year-old noticed that the paparazzi was trying to take her picture, She gave him an unpleasant grimace. Of course, we can only guess whether the dissatisfied face was provoked only by the presence of photojournalists, or maybe the stepmother’s meeting also played a role here?

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