Kadrowicze received bonuses for promotion to the world championship. PZPN distributed big money

The players of the Polish national team received bonuses for promotion to the world championship. Czesław Michniewicz also went to the award. Paulo Sousa, who had dropped out of the squad before the play-offs, was left with nothing.

The Polish Football Association earned on the promotion of the team to the World Cup. A total of $ 9 million was credited to his account.

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A significant part of this amount was spent on prizes for players. In total, according to the portal “WP Sportowe Fakty”, the bonuses amounted to approx. PLN 11.5 million.

The amount was divided among the players based on two criteria. The players of the basic squad received the most. Less money – substitutes or players present at training camps, but not appearing on the pitch. In addition to the role in the team, the amount of the bonus was also influenced by the phase of the game in which a given player participated.

– 70 percent of the amount was spent on bonuses for participation in the qualifying phase, while 30 percent only for the play-off with Sweden – explained Jakub Kwiatkowski, the press spokesman of the Polish Football Association, quoted by the portal “WP Sportowe Fakty”.

Czesław Michniewicz, who led the team in the winning play-off with Sweden, was also financially rewarded for the promotion. Paulo Sousa, who terminated the contract with the Polish Football Association after a part of the group elimination, did not get anything.

Bonuses have already been paid. The players received them before the start of the last training camp of the national team.

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