Juventus. Allegri could not stand the conversation with the media. He hit his own players. “I’m going crazy, it’s not a ball!”

Massimiliano Allegri did not hide his emotions after the match between Juventus and Sampdoria. The coach of the “Old Lady” even criticized his players.

Juventus barely tied with Sampdoria in Monday’s Serie A game. The “Old Lady” was unable to find an answer to the well-functioning defense of the Genoa club.

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The Italian spared no critical words in his talks with the media. They concerned the attitude of individual players.

What’s next for Fagioli, Miretti and Rovela? We will see who will stay until the end of Mercato, but we should not forget that it is young players and young players that mean mistakes. I know you don’t like to hear it, but that’s the way it is – young players make mistakes – said Allegri, quoted by the Juve Canal.

Miretti ran to intercept the ball instead of staying in his position. This has to change he continued, analyzing the nuances.

Let’s just look at Di Maria – she’s a player on a different level. So when you watch Di Maria and later see Miretti running backwards to intercept the ball, it drives you crazy! It’s not the same, it’s not soccer! – threw.

After two Serie A rounds, Juventus has four points to their credit and is fourth in the table. Napoli is the leader, which, like Inter and AS Roma, can boast a complete set of victories.

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