Jumper control like never before. The Pole reveals details

Jumper control like never before.  The Pole reveals details

Jumper control like never before. The Pole reveals details

The staffs were informed in advance about the fact that in Sapporo FIS will test a new way of controlling competitors, because already on the occasion of the World Cup in Zakopane. There was adequate space on Okurayama to carry out test checks.

This time the jumpers were not threatened with disqualification after the jump, because there was no control after it, and possibly before the jump. However, this was associated with some inconvenience for the competitors, because they had to go to the top of the hill much earlier than usual.

Apoloniusz Tajner about the weaker form of Poles in the Sunday competition in Sapporo. VIDEO/ /Polsat Sport/ /Polsat Sport

The Pole revealed how the control of the jumpers was carried out. They checked everyone

How such an inspection was conducted was described by Wojciech Jurowicz, Christian Kathol’s assistant in Sapporo, in an interview with Interia Sport. For the Pole, it was his debut in such a role in the World Cup. Previously, he performed the same role at the Summer Grand Prix in Klingenthal.

“We had a lot of work to do in Sapporo as the new control system worked all weekend. We managed to control all the jumpers in this way – admitted our man at FIS.

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– The main control, unlike usual, took place this time at the top of the hill. This was, of course, outside of the normal procedure of checking the step height in the suit before the start. Competitors at the top of the hill had to arrive early enough before the start. In this case, they had to be about 20 minutes earlier than usual. During the inspection, they put on the jumpsuit as if they were ready to jump. Christian Kathol made the checks, and then the competitors were escorted to the room where they were waiting for the start. So there was no way to change skis or suit. Of course, after this check, the jumpers could unfasten to further prepare for the jump before step control – he added.

The inspectors therefore had a chance to check all the players. Unlike at the bottom of the hill, where the inspection is carried out randomly. There were no mishaps, so it was obvious that the jumpers were well prepared.

– It seems to me that this way of controlling jumpers has passed its test. Of course, it would be ideal if such control took place at the top and bottom of the hill – admitted Jurowicz.

Debut on Friday the 13th. It was nervous

Our man in the FIS has had intensive weeks behind him, because the weekend before he made his debut in the role of the competition manager in the World Cup in Zakopane. The date for this event was perfect. 13 – Friday. Jurowicz does not hide that there were many nerves.

– First there was an uncertain situation with the snow. For this reason, we canceled the FIS Cup competition planned for Zakopane. There were many question marks. Were it not for the snowfall from Monday to Tuesday, it would be very nervous. However, this calmed the situation down for us, although there was a lot of work related to the preparation of the facility after such intense rainfall. On the other hand, at the weekend, and especially on Sunday, it was nervous due to the strong wind – concluded Jurowicz.

Wojciech Jurowicz on the hill in Sapporo/ /

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