Julia Wieniawa repels the attack on her appearance and comments on paparazzi photos

Black dress with numerous cutouts Julia Wieniawa she set up for a party on the occasion of the 10th birthday of Elle.pl, it was the creation that was talked about the most. The styling revealed many parts of the artist’s body and emphasized her unusually shapely figure. Although most of the commentators’ voices were positive, there were also some opinions criticizing Julia Wieniawa on the web. “Julia said that she is tired of celebrity, she does not want to be called that, pisses her off that journalists are more interested in what she looks like and what her hairstyle is. Seriously?! Julia thought that after this creation, which she presented, no one will write about this dress ?! Well, you could have opted for something more modest “- said Paulina Koziejowska, commenting on the appearance of the actress and singer.

Julia Wieniawa repels the attack on her appearance

Julia Wieniawa herself admits that her dress was “quite controversial”. When asked how she selects the outfits for the occasion and whether she has any styling key, she replies:

The artist also referred to the commentary by Paulina Koziejowska. – A dress is a dress and I cannot be judged by the dress, it is absurd for me. End, period. There is no topic – Julia Wieniawa cuts the discussion off.

There are also photos of paparazzi on the web where you can see the actress in tender embraces with her boyfriend Nikodem Rozbicki. How does the star react to such publications?

– says Julia Wieniawa.

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Photo: Jarosław Antoniak / MW Media

Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki

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