Jola Rutowicz showed her partner. who is he? What does it look like?

Jola Rutowicz showed her partner. who is he? What does it look like?

Jola Rutowicz finally showed her partner. He does not hide the hot feeling that connects them. Her chosen one has an impressive musculature and definitely does not resemble Jarosław Jakimowicz – her ex.

Jolanta Rutowicz revealed herself to show business in the fourth edition of the reality show Big Brother. The seemingly not very bright participant of the program proved to be an enthusiast of all shades of pink, latex, nail tips and plush unicorns. It aroused extreme emotions among the viewers – some of the audience loved it from the beginning, while some viewers were embarrassed. From episode to episode, her fan base gradually increased, thanks to which she managed to win the show as a result. She later confessed that her infantile behavior was a carefully crafted strategy devised by a public relations specialist in London…

After completing the adventure with Big Brother appeared at her side Jaroslaw Jakimowicz in the show J&J, i.e. Jola and Jarek. The program was a combination of a comedy series with the formula of a reality show and presented the life together of the characters who were a couple for several months. Together, they appeared in the salons and willingly talked about the feeling that connects them.

After participating in the program The stars dance on ice Jona has disappeared. She decided to move into the shadows and left for the United States, where she lives to this day. There, she made a life with a mysterious man, with whom – as she boasted in one of the breakfasts – she planned a wedding and a grand wedding:

I am happily in love, I have a wonderful man by my side. Everything is finally in the right place. We’re already planning a wedding. Plus a nice car, a good dress, and we can go to our wedding! In a truly Hollywood style – announced Rutowicz in the studio Good morning TVN.

He keeps his beloved hidden. However, on Friday she showed it during a meal and revealed a bit about it.

Jola Rutowicz showed her partner

On Friday in the story on Instagram Jola Rutowicz she revealed that her beloved is on a diet and eats very healthy, and also exercises in the gym. She herself joined him and encourages healthy eating. And she added:

How I love his beautiful skin color… beautifully tanned, ohhh. Nothing but kissing and cuddling – she expressed her emotions.

In the photos shared by the celebrity, you can see at first glance that her American prince can boast of an athletic figure. Some time ago, Jola posted photos of her partner holding her hand. She provided these comments:

  • When you stop looking for love and start doing what you love in life. The love of your life will find you then.

  • The most handsome man in the world.

  • What is love? He’s the person you miss the most when everyone is around.

There are also photos in social media where Rutowicz boasts of a “radiator” on his beloved’s belly. Fans have no doubt that the former reality star hit the cover model. So far, however, she has decided not to show his face.

Love blooms and just wait when Jona informs about the wedding.

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