“Johnny” – a film about love for people with the genius David Ogrodnik

The title character of the movie “Johnny” is Fr. Jan Kaczkowski (Dawid Ogrodnik), who set himself the goal of his ministry to help the terminally ill. Young vocational boys work in the hospice he founded. Seemingly rebels, whom Fr. Kaczkowski engages the dying to help. One of them is Patryk (Piotr Trojan). It is from his perspective that the whole story is presented in the film. Patrick is a thief with a hinged sentence. After leaving prison, there is nothing to return to, the house is ruled by alcohol, drugs are swarming at parties, and the streets are lurking for him by dealers to whom Patryk owes money. Work with patients initially disgusts him, sometimes he has to suppress his desire to rebel and return to old, deeply entrenched habits, but in the end it is precisely in the hospice that he feels best. This is thanks to the help of Fr. John, in which Patrick found a true friend. Kaczkowski is actively involved in Patryk’s affairs, including present at his trial, teaches him to be a diligent, responsible and supportive partner for his beloved. This extraordinary bond grows even stronger as John’s health deteriorates sharply. Patryk realizes that with the priest’s departure, he will lose not only a spiritual mentor, but also a true friend who has given him more than all the other people who have been present in his life so far. This is what the movie “Johnny” is all about. About the power of friendship, love and faith in other people, although of course the topic of the biography of Fr. John is also not without significance here.


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