Joe Biden responds to Vladimir Putin. “Why is he still talking about this?”

Joe Biden responds to Vladimir Putin. “Why is he still talking about this?”

“If he has no intention, why does he keep talking about it?” Why is he talking about the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons? (…) He is very dangerous in his approach to it – argued Biden in an interview for NewsNation.

As Reuters noted in In his speech on Thursday, the Russian president downplayed the nuclear stalemate with the West. He said Russia did not threaten to use nuclear weapons and only responded to nuclear “blackmail” by Western leaders.

Reuters stresses that Putin and other Russian officials have repeatedly said in recent weeks that their country may use nuclear weapons to protect its territorial integrity. In the West, this was interpreted as hidden threats to use this type of weapon in the areas of Ukraine annexed by Russia.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, White House spokesman for national security, John Kirby, pointed to the possibility of Moscow considering the use of the so-called dirty bomb. It is trying to create an excuse for this to blame Ukraine.

Kirby admitted, however, that the United States has not yet seen any signs that the Russians are planning or even making arrangements to use a dirty bomb. On the other hand, he made the reservation that they often blame others for what they themselves do or are about to do.

“So we must take it seriously, then,” warned Kirby.

Kirby also announced that the US will provide Ukraine with more aid. – You will see another American (package) very, very soon. We intend to continue this, as the president said, for as long as it is needed – emphasized Kirby in an interview with CNN.

He referred to military expenditure that can be quickly approved in an emergency.

When asked by CNN about the escalation of the rhetoric of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kirby remarked: “He invaded Ukraine in a completely unprovoked manner.”

– Ukraine poses no threat to anyone, let alone Russia. So if (the situation) is uncertain at the moment, it is dangerous, it is because of Mr. Putin. And it wasn’t the West who first expressed any concerns about nuclear weapons – it came from Mr Putin, argued Kirby.

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