Joe Biden has pardoned all those convicted of marijuana possession

The US president also announced that his administration would check whether marijuana should still be a category one drug like heroin and LSD. Joe Biden posted a series of entries on Twitter regarding his decision.

“I pardon all those convicted of federal crimes of mere marijuana possession. There are thousands of such people who therefore find it difficult to find work, housing or education. My pardon will take this burden from them,” wrote the President of the United States. He also called on state governors to take the same step against those convicted of marijuana possession under state law.

At the same time, Biden made it clear that “serious restrictions on smuggling, advertising and selling to minors” are needed in the field of marijuana.

“Sending people to jail for marijuana possession has overturned too many lives – for behavior that is legal in many states. (…) Today we’re starting to fix mistakes,” Biden noted.

US government policy on marijuana varies greatly from state to state. 19 out of 50 of them legalized the recreational use of this substance. Another 12 states have a policy of decriminalizing marijuana use.