Joanna Racewicz reveals which aesthetic medicine treatment is her favorite. “Works phenomenally”

Joanna Racewicz reveals which aesthetic medicine treatment is her favorite. “Works phenomenally”

Joanna Racewicz for years she was associated with the public media, where she was, among others, the host of the program “Question for breakfast“on TVP2. The journalist has gained a lot of sympathy from viewers who are eager to follow her further fate in social media. Her activity on the Internet causes a lot of controversy. On Instagram she eagerly shows how she cares about her appearance. She recently shared with viewers an account of a beauty salon, in which she used a series of injections to nourish the scalp. The interference with the needle turned out to be quite painful, but she can endure a lot for her beauty. Racewicz he does not hide that he likes to use aesthetic medicine treatments. Now she confessed which one she liked the most.

Joanna Racewicz about her favorite aesthetic medicine treatment: It requires sacrifice

Joanna Racewicz very often she has to face criticism regarding her appearance. The journalist, however, does not take negative comments to heart. He admits that the most important thing is to feel good in your own body. He claims that if someone has complexes that can be eliminated by the intervention of a surgeon or cosmetologist, it is worth taking advantage of such benefits. In one of the interviews, she was asked which aesthetic medicine treatments are her favorite. She admitted that the needle interferes with the skin so much that you have to wait at home for at least a day afterwards.

Definitely mesotherapy. A phenomenal treatment, not necessarily invasive, in the sense that it does not change facial features, but nourishes the skin very beautifully. You have to remember about the day off, because of course the skin is simply pricked. There is no other advice, but it works phenomenally – Joanna Racewicz confessed in an interview with “Świat Gwiazd”.

Not everyone shares the opinion Joanna Racewicz. Many Internet users on the TV presenter’s Instagram object to the rightness of similar measures. Some fans are clearly against and believe that they make all women look the same. However, there are also supporters of aesthetic medicine treatments, for whom such corrections in appearance are like a remedy for complexes and imperfections.

Do you think that aesthetic medicine treatments should be so widely used?

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