Jermaine Pennant bankrupt, his house taken over by a gang

Jermaine Pennant bankrupt, his house taken over by a gang

Jermaine Pennant bankrupt, his house taken over by a gang

Jermaine Pennant was in quite a bit of trouble. He was declared bankrupt by the court after it was revealed that he owed more than £1 million. A few months ago, the house of the former Liverpool player was occupied by a drug gang.

Jermaine Pennant is reported to have been declared bankrupt after accumulating debts of over £1 million. Birmingham County Court has issued a one-year bankruptcy order for the former Premier League star who owes money to creditors, banks and utilities.

A retired footballer has been in default on his mortgage payments for several months, which went to court.

The 39-year-old’s home, valued at £3m, will be repossessed. Interestingly, the Englishman did not even live in it. The estate on the outskirts of Liverpool hides an interesting story.

The mansion stood abandoned for a while before being taken over by a drug gang who turned it into a marijuana farm. The criminals were not very careful and twice set fire to the house. In the end, the whole procedure was stopped, and Pennant was arrested on suspicion. Ultimately, it turned out that the former winger was not involved in the whole incident.

The Arsenal academy member has been struggling financially for several years. More than two years ago, he lost significant funds due to the unprofitability of his media company.

Jermaine Pennant has had an interesting football career, during which he defended the colors of 15 clubs. In addition to a large group of English teams, the 39-year-old’s CV also includes Spanish Real Zaragoza, Indian Pune City and Singapore’s Tampines Rovers.

The last stop of the former England youth international was Billericay Town FC, which was then representative of the Isthmian League Premier Division (seventh tier in England). This stage had a rather interesting finale. The club authorities terminated the contract of the former Premier League star, accusing her of appearing in erotic films shot by his ex-wife – Alice Goodwin. A woman in the past actively appeared in the role of an actress on sites for adults.

Pennant has shone many times in the past, and an anecdote about … his Porsche has become a classic. “Jermaine Pennant has been at Stoke for several weeks now. One day, he was called by the activists of Real Zaragoza, where he had played before. They asked him if he knew he had left his sports car right outside the train station. Only a footballer could forget his Porsche. Especially one with the registration P33NNT” – this is how Peter Crouch described the story in his autobiography.

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