Jeff Bezos has no doubts. You will regret it in your old age

“When you think about things that you will regret as an 80-year-old, it will almost always be things you did not do. Very rarely, you will regret what you did but did not work, did not work or whatever” He said Jeff Bezos in an interview with the CEO of the Axel Springer media group, Mathias Doepfner.

The rest of the article below the video:

According to Bezos, this extends not only to business decisions, but also to personal life. Amazon owner fortune is $ 130.5 billion, according to Forbes magazine. “It’s like: ‘I love that person but I never told her about it.’ 50 years later you sit and think, ‘Why didn’t I tell her this? Why didn’t I try?’ adds Bezos.

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