Japanese fans cleaned the stadium after winning against Germany

Japanese fans cleaned the stadium after winning against Germany

Getting drunk on your national team’s victory after the match? It’s not for the Japanese – first duties, then pleasures. The fans of the Land of the Rising Sun showed an extremely positive example after their national team won a match and helped to clean up the rubbish at the Khalifa International Stadium. They also did the same… after the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

After the opening match, Bahraini influencer Omar Al-Farooq recorded a video about the good deeds of Japanese fans and shared it on his Instagram account.

He asked the fans why they decided to help clean up everyone garbage.

“We’re Japanese, we don’t leave trash behind us and we respect this place,” said one fan. Japanese fans also picked up the flags of Ecuador and Qatar left on the ground, because, as they stated, “symbols of countries deserve respect.”

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Demonstrating pride

This is not the first time that the Japanese have shown the world their good manners. They have already helped with garbage collection during the World Cup in Russia in 2018, after losing 3-2 to Belgium in that tournament, Japanese fans even cleaned the seats inside the Rostov Arena.

As reported by the BBC, Japan cleanliness is an extremely important part of the culture and is instilled in its inhabitants from early childhood.

In 2018, Scott North, a professor of sociology at Osaka University, told the British station that tidying up is a way for the Japanese to “demonstrate pride in their way of life.”

“Cleaning up after football matches is an extension of the basic behaviors that are taught in school, where children clean their school classrooms and hallways,” he explained.

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