Janusz Gajos’s daughter about the unpleasantness that befell her in the hospital

Janusz Gajos’s daughter was treated in a scandalous way only because of her known father. What did she say in the interview?

Janusz Gajos he met Barbara Nabiałczyk, TV producer of Olga Lipińska’s Cabaret, in 1978. They were both married at the time. Love, however, won, and their daughter Agata was born soon after. The idyll did not last long, however, and the relationship did not survive the crisis. The actor divorced the mother of his child, but the girl could always count on him.

Agata gave advice on how to live with such a famous surname?

Janusz Gajos’s daughter about the unpleasantness that befell her in the hospital

Barbara Nabiałczyk died in 2009 at the age of 60. She suffered from cancer. After her death, the relationship between Agata and Janusz Gajos warmed up a lot. Moreover – his daughter became an authority for the famous actor. Agata Gajos is a psychologist, she has a family and has a teenage son, Aleksander. Perhaps these factors made the famous actor look at his daughter with genuine admiration. Sam has been in a successful marriage for a long time with Elżbieta, whom he met while working at the Stary Theater in Krakow.

In one of the interviews, Agata confessed how she lives with a famous surname.

People saw me through the prism of my father – both my teachers and my friends. I did not shy away from the fact that I am the daughter of Janusz Gajos, because it seems to me that it is rather a reason to be proud. But sometimes when I hear that a name has helped me in my life, I say, “It helped as many times as it harmed,” she confessed.

And in an interview with Viva! she told what happened to her during her stay in the hospital. The actor’s daughter was treated unprofessionally by the staff, and that’s all because of who her father is.

When I got to the hospital, after my dad was visiting, a lady came to warn me, who overheard the nurses talking. One of them said about me: “He lives in the palace, has money, let him see what real life looks like”. And every time she gave me an injection, she “completely accidentally” inserted the needle in a terrible way – she said.

Agata revealed that similar situations happened to her very often, for example at the university.

I had pneumonia, I was away for three weeks. I made an appointment with the lecturers that I would make up for the lost classes. Most agreed, but one professor said: “I know these artists’ children, I have dealt with such children before!”. Hearing that made me mad. I went to the year’s nanny and asked her to write two for me, because I want to pass this subject with someone else. How could that make any sense?! Whether I am sick or skip classes has nothing to do with whose daughter I am – Gajos or Kowalski! – she said.

When it comes to her father, the woman has many nice memories and emphasizes that she could always count on Janusz Gajos, even after her parents divorced.

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