Jan Nowicki is dead. He has struggled with these health problems for the last few years

Jan Nowicki is dead.  He has struggled with these health problems for the last few years

Jan Nowicki is dead. He has struggled with these health problems for the last few years

The media circulated extremely sad news about the death of one of the greatest Polish actors, Jan Nowicki. In recent years, the artist had serious health problems that not only hindered his daily functioning, but also affected the actor’s professional sphere.


1. Jan Nowicki was a star of Polish cinema

Jan Nowicki was born on November 5, 1939. He had almost 200 acting creations to his credit. The films with his participation that stuck in the memory of Poles the most are m.in. ”Wielki Szu”, ”Sanatorium under the hourglass”, ”Stupid”, ”Journal for my children” or ”Unrestrained”.

“Tonight our compatriot Jan Nowicki suddenly left us at the age of 83 – a great actor, writer, Honorary Citizen of the City of Blacksmith” – it was written on the official profile of the city of Kowal, where the artist came from.

2. Health problems of Jan Nowicki

In recent years, the actor has suffered more and more often problems with memory. For this reason, a few years ago, Nowicki decided to change his profession from an actor to a writer. In one of the interviews, his second wife, Anna Kondratowicz, confirmed this.

He could count on her support and help, as he himself emphasized, every day. – I’m afraid to turn on irons for ironing, anything that has to do with electricity. This is not my world. I am lucky to have met Anusia, who finds herself in this – said Nowicki. During a conversation with Małgorzata Domagalik on the Sports Channel in the program “Conversation without foul”.

During a conversation with a journalist, the actor forgot what he wanted to say, he also seemed lost and absent at times. – I’m sorry for saying what I’m saying. If I sat over a white sheet of paper, I would do it better, shorter. And I wouldn’t whine,’ explained the actor.

– I lose my memory, very often I throw out certain fragments from my memory and I am not sad at all – he said during the interview.

Deepening memory loss is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, but it has never been confirmed whether the actor actually struggled with it.

Jan Nowicki also had problems with his legs. In recent years, he has walked with a cane. He died on December 7 in his home in Krzewent near Kowal. He was 83 years old.

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