Jagged Alliance 3 shows its classic character. The trailer with gameplay excerpts encourages you to play

Last year, THQ Nordic confirmed the return of the Jagged Alliance brand and although the game was to be released “soon”, so far we could not play Jagged Alliance 3. The production could not be missing at today’s show and the latest trailer is really interesting.

In 1995, the first installment of the Jagged Alliance series debuted on the market, which, although it received positive reviews, went into the drawer for many years. Now, however, the Haemimont Games studio (the creators of the Tropico series, Victor Vran) has received another interesting brand in their hands and the developers have been developing the game for several years.

The action of Jagged Alliance 3 was set in the fictional state of Grand Chien, which after the president’s death was taken over by the Legion – a powerful organization that intends to subjugate all its inhabitants by force. In this case, the player takes on the role of mercenaries paid for by the family of the former leader – our task is to recapture the country.

The latest trailer for Jagged Alliance 3 is really extensive, because not only do I show the protagonists, but the authors also presented some shots from the game – the title focuses on tactical gameplay, which should appeal to fans of series such as XCOM, Commandos and Desperados.

Jagged Alliance 3 at the THQ Nordic Showcase 2022

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