Jacek Sasin’s tax, high energy prices, budget. Economist Alicja Defratyka on the activities of the government

The rulers go to the elections according to the principle: even a flood after us – said economist Alicja Defratyka in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. In her opinion, financing expenses based on earmarked funds means that we do not really know what the budgetary situation looks like.

Alicja Defratyka stated, referring to the decisions made by the government, that “the pilot is not flying with us”. In her opinion, the rulers, while introducing new solutions, “do not rely on any data”. – These are all decisions that are made ad hoc, overnight, they react to current problems – said the economist.

New tax announced by Jacek Sasin

Defratyka drew attention to the announced “Sasin tax”. – We learn about some new taxes from Twitter, about something that is not consulted, which suddenly causes a crash on the stock market, where a lot of people lose money – indicated the author of the project

– They wanted a 50% tax on excess profits from recent years, and they included not only energy companies that actually earn from more expensive fuel and the situation that is now, but also large companies that employ over 250 people so it is actually another blow to Polish entrepreneurs who maintain this economy – she added.

In her opinion, there is a certain contradiction in the actions of the government. – On the one hand, the government does everything so that households do not feel these higher prices, these problems with availability, the tax is to finance it, but on the other hand, if they hit companies, these companies may go bankrupt, they may lead to it that they will have to dismiss employees and we will naturally feel it – explained Alicja Defratyka.

“We don’t really know what the budget is like”

The economist pointed out that more and more money is spent outside the budget. – Next year, over 440 billion of our total debt is beyond the control of parliament, beyond the control of Poles – said Defratyka. This means a 9-fold increase in extra-budgetary debt since 2015.

– The thing is, we don’t really know what the budgetary situation is. One by one, all these additives (for heat sources, freezing electricity prices – ed.), which are introduced overnight, (…) here 10 (billions of zlotys – ed.), here 20, here 30. We don’t really know what the budget looks like, because this money is crammed into various types of funds outside the budget, she noted.

According to the law adopted by the Sejm on Thursday, energy companies are to receive compensation for Freezing electricity prices to a certain level of consumption. The source of financing is to be the COVID-19 Counteracting Fund. The new electrical supplement will also be financed from it, as well as previously subsidies for other heat sources.

As Defratyka said, “it is a bit like that they go to elections according to the principle: even a flood for us”. – They will now spend this money on power so that their electorate does not feel it, because they mainly talk to their electorate. But it will feel because they are hitting all the other industries, which will actually make us pay more, the economist assessed.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak / PAP

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