Izabela Janachowska about the second child. When will she be born?

Izabela Janachowska and her husband gave an interview in which they talked about the enlargement of the family. When will their second child be born? Leading TzG revealed the details.

Izabela Janachowska She has been involved in show business for years. She began her adventure with the industry by participating in Dancing with the Stars. After a few series of the program, however, she had to give up subsequent editions because she contracted a serious knee injury.

Then it began to develop in a completely different direction. She founded a portal in the wedding industry, and in a few years turned a small blog into a real empire. Now we can watch her again on the dance floor of a popular show, but now as one of the hosts. It also has its own wedding-themed programs.

He combines all of this with a very successful private life. Eight years ago, her husband became an entrepreneur Krzysztof Jabłoński. From the very beginning, the pair aroused a lot of interest from fans, because they were separated by a considerable age difference. However, they quickly proved that it was only a number and that their love and marriage were perfectly fine. The lovers raise their son together Christopher.

Izabela Janachowska about the second child. When will she be born?

Iza and Krzysztof are currently one of the most beautiful couples in show business. The spouses get along well on the professional and private level. The apple of their eyes is their little son. Christopher this year celebrated his third birthdayand it seems his parents are serious about younger siblings for the boy and the enlargement of the family.

We would love to have more children, but I can see how much work we have now, so we put this plan aside for the time being – said Krzysztof in an interview with Party.

Leading Dancing with the Stars she revealed a bit more and admitted that she was very serious about her next pregnancy, and that she might be able to implement this plan in two years.

Chris loves children and plays beautifully with them. Both my husband and I have siblings and we would like our son not to be an only child. Sure, it’s comfortable now, because we’re already out of the diapers, and the little one has just entered a British kindergarten. Maybe it’s time for a new baby to appear in the house? Our life is at such a crazy pace that logistics from two children would be difficult. Although… we dealt with one, so we would be able to deal with the next. I think that in two years this plan will become more realistic – added Izabela’s husband’s statement.

Iza’s fans will surely be pleased with this news, because little Chris instantly stole the hearts of her Instagram followers. The same will probably be the case with the next consolation of the couple.

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