It’s approaching Earth. This is the only chance in my life to see her

It’s approaching Earth.  This is the only chance in my life to see her

It’s approaching Earth. This is the only chance in my life to see her

Astronomers said the newly discovered comet could be visible to the naked eye as it flies by Earth in a few weeks. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see her – another one for 50,000. years.

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) was first spotted by astronomers last year near Jupiter. Now, after a long journey, it is approaching Earth. Currently, the brightening point can be observed with the help of telescopes, but at the turn of January and February it will be possible to see it over Poland with the naked eye, if the weather conditions are good.

Made of ice and dust and emitting a greenish aura, the comet is about a kilometer across and has gone inward solar system probably with Oort cloud. Objects this small in size are rarely seen in the sky without specialized instruments, but C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will get close enough to Earth that it should compensate for the comet’s small size.

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A flaming fireball. They accidentally recorded a meteor above them

Astronomers have no doubt that it will be an extraordinary sight, as when the comet approaches the Earth it will be “the brightest point in the sky”, according to the words Nicolas Biver, an astrophysicist at the Paris Observatory. They also emphasize that this is the only opportunity in a lifetime to be able to look at the comet. It is estimated that the object orbits the Sun in 200 years, but it may take up to 50,000 years before it will be visible over Poland again. years.

The comet has spent most of its life “at least 2,500 times farther than the Earth is from the Sun”, explained Thomas Prince, professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology. The last time a comet passed the Earth was in the Upper Paleolithic period, when Neanderthals were still roaming the Earth. This “rare visitor” will provide “information about what the solar system holds far beyond the planets we have discovered,” added Prince.

When to look for Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)?

The brightest comet will be visible over Poland on February 1 and 2, and then it is also worth looking for it in the sky with the naked eye. Unfortunately, the observation may be interrupted by the Moon, which will slowly approach the next full moon (February 5). However, astronomers believe that there is a high probability that the comet will be visible with ordinary binoculars until February 10. However, if you have a telescope, you can look for a bright object in the sky from around January 20.

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