“It’s a harpagan.” The hope of Polish jumping in the squad for TCS. The symbol of the revolution

“It’s a harpagan.”  The hope of Polish jumping in the squad for TCS.  The symbol of the revolution

“It’s a harpagan.” The hope of Polish jumping in the squad for TCS. The symbol of the revolution

Often when it comes to Polish ski jumping, we rightly complain about the form of younger jumpers. We know we have Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła, but when we think about the future, a question mark appears. The new season shows that the future of our ski jumping does not have to be dark. But we were looking in the wrong place. We get a positive note from Jan Habdas, who won a place in the squad for the Four Hills Tournament in style.

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A record-breaking start to the season of Polish ski jumpers. It wasn’t that good yet

This is how Habdas convinced Thurnbichler

A group of senior jumpers will go to TCS: Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki, Piotr ZylaStefan Hula and two young people: 23 years old Paul Wsek and Jan Habdas. The 19-year-old made a successful start to the Continental Cup season. At the inauguration in Vikersund he finished seventh and fourth. It was a bit worse on the difficult hill in Ruka, where he was 14th and 15th. The key start was the Polish Championships in Wisła on Thursday and it turned out that Jan Habdas is actually in the group of the best white and red players.

In the competition, Habdas took fifth place and had over 15 points advantage over sixth Jarosław Krzak. It’s an abyss. Habdas also won strongly against the main competitors to go to the TCS, because Maciej Kot was eighth, and Aleksander Zniszczol was tenth. Interestingly, 16-year-old Wiktor Szozda was ninth.

Thomas Thurnbichler had been following Habdas’ progress for a long time and was in constant contact with coach team B Maciej Maciusiak. The cooperation was clearly visible at Thursday’s Polish Championships in Wisła, where TVP cameras caught the coaches on a joint analysis of jumps several times. – If you’re a team leader, you have to trust your teammates. Maciek is the coach of the B team and he does a very good job. I know Habdas is jumping very well now. I follow him closely, I know that at the training camp in Planica, before the start of the Continental Cup, he jumped best together with Muranka – Thurnbichler said in mid-December.

Habdas goes to TCS. “It’s a Harpagan”

19-year-old Jan Habdas first appeared in the World Cup a year ago in Wisła. After a good training jumps, the fans they even demanded a jumper in the team competitionbecause the old guard was so weak. In the end, Habdas was 46th in the competition. This year it was much better, because at the inauguration of the season Habdas opened for points twice and was 34th.

– This is harpagan – we heard about Jan Habdas several months ago. The coaches emphasized that the young jumper was bursting with energy, but he was not always able to transfer it to the hill and sometimes he had to be stopped by the coaches to direct the energy well.

Krzysztof Biegun, who had the opportunity to work with Habdsas in the junior team, can say a lot about this. When we asked him about his first association with Habdas, he answered without hesitation: – An intelligent, ambitious madman in the positive sense of the word, laughs Biegun, currently the base coach of the PZN in the Beskids.

A new wave in Polish ski jumping. “Generation Z” is in action

According to Adam Bucholz from, Jan Habdas will be the 72nd representative of Poland in the Four Hills Tournament. And it is a kind of symbol of the upcoming change in Polish ski jumping. This must come sooner or later, and Habdas is a representative of the new wave. He is a representative of “Generation Z”, in the full sense of the term. Why?

Following the social accounts of Jan Habdas for years, you can see that he is a man brought up in the era of globalization. Interestingly, it is very possible that many fans have not known him from the hill so far, but they know him from TikTok, where he can win hundreds of thousands of views with his productions.

It seems that he found a common language with Maciej Kot, because the 31-year-old found himself in the meanders of TikTok. What does it give? Even a place for an exhibition for sponsors. If a jumper does not compete in the World Cup and is not on the front pages of newspapers, it is difficult for him to get a thriving sponsor and financing that will allow him to live in dignity. And Habdas is of a generation that feels it. And it comes completely naturally to him.

And having jumpers in their thirties, and by the way such young and energetic players as Paweł Wąsek or Habdas will also be an interesting experience for the coach. Because while Stoch, Kubacki or Żyła strongly care about privacy and rarely share their life outside the hill with fans, in the case of young jumpers you can see that they are brought up in a completely different culture.

How did Jan Habdas develop?

The last several months have been a period of really good work, which Habdas has done with junior team coach Daniel Kwiatkowski, and recently Maciej Maciusiak in the B team, to which Habdas joined in April.

In the previous season, Habdas competed mainly at the FIS Cup level, where he stood on the podium three times, and in Continental he scored 48 points in 10 competitions. This season he already has 120 points in just four competitions.

Jan Habdas is not a jumper who will save Polish jumping from the spot and at the next Four Hills Tournament he will count in the fight for something more. About 70 jumpers compete in the qualifications in TCS, so qualifying for the competitions should be a minimum plan. And when Habdas counts in the fight for points, we will be able to talk about good starts of the young jumper. On the other hand, Zniszczol, Wolny and Pilch, who are jumping much worse than Habdas, have recently regularly entered the World Cup competitions, so the 19-year-old jumper should join the TCS without any complexes.

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