Italy, parliamentary elections. Media about mistakes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs resulting in changes to the lists of people elected to the parliament

In Italy, a few days after the parliamentary elections, there was a “grotesque” situation – this is how the media summarize a series of errors on the lists of people elected to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, announced by the Ministry of the Interior. The Italian press reports cases where some have already celebrated their election to parliament and found out that they would not get a seat, while others have already accepted that they were losing and are now told that they have been elected.

“Changing the decision of the Ministry of the Interior, which admitted to making mistakes,” stressed the daily “La Repubblica”. The newspaper noted the large scale of mistakes made by the Ministry of the Interior: changes in the lists of parliamentarians in the new term of office affect as many as twelve regions. There were mistakes in multi-member constituencies in allocating seats on the basis of the final results of voting, taking place in accordance with the mixed electoral law.

“Some enter, others leave” – ​​ironizes the Roman daily comparing the changes on the lists to the “lottery”. He adds that the losers in the September 25 elections are unexpectedly returning to the lists, and some see their political dream collapse with the announcement of the correction in a short time that they will not receive a mandate. Many of them have already celebrated their election and thanked the voters.

In the general confusion, one example of a mistake is spectacular, the press notes. On Tuesday, it was announced that, after 35 years in parliament, the founder of the right-wing League, then still Northern, Umberto Bossi, had not been elected for the first time. Throughout the day, the Italian media devoted a lot of space to Bossi’s farewell to the parliament. He himself managed to say that he did not want to run this time.

The news of his defeat caused a stir among the League’s voters and even voices that it was its current leader Matteo Salvini should step down, notes La Stampa. The league is part of the winning center-right bloc. Salvini immediately called for the 81-year-old politician to be appointed a lifetime senator (this can be done by the president).

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Counting votes in ItalyPAP / EPA / GIUSEPPE LAMI

On Wednesday, the internal and territorial affairs department of the Ministry of the Interior announced that Bossi had nevertheless entered the Chamber of Deputies from the Varese list in Lombardy, and a mandate was given to him based on the recommendations of the central electoral office at the Supreme Court, which finally confirms the election. The ministry explained that the changes to the lists of elected persons apply to all parties, but not to the number of seats won by individual parties. And the errors were mathematical – explained.

– But they made the bulls – this is what the current vice-president of the Senate, Roberto Calderoli, commented on.

Main photo source: MASSIMO PERCOSSI / ANSA / PAP / EPA

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