Italy. Electricity bill at the pizzeria site. “Pass for a thief or close the business?”

The owner of a pizzeria near Cremona in the north of Italy posted a copy of the electricity bill for over four thousand euros on his website to justify the price increase at the premises. “When expenses become unbearable, is it better to sell a margherita for 10 euros and pass for a thief or close the business?” – wrote the restaurateur on the piece of paper next to it.

The daily Corriere della Sera reported on Wednesday that with this original form of protest against the high energy prices performed by the owner of a pizzeria in Roncadello in Lombardy – Alberto Rovati. He posted a bill of € 4,058.09 for his electricity consumption in July.

Price increases in a pizzeria

The newspaper reported that the place has so far been very popular due to its affordable prices, but recent increases have forced changes. Previously, pizza margherita cost 5 euros there. Rovati explained that the price would have to be € 8-9 to be recovered, and € 10 would have to be paid for him to earn.

“Last year, the bill for the same period was € 1,350, which is a 300 percent increase,” said the restaurateur. As he pointed out, by displaying a copy of the bill, he does not want to scare customers away, but rather firmly protest. “It can’t be that way,” he added.

The owner of the restaurant noted that this is not the only hike he has to face, as many products have also gone up, including oil, flour and all pizza ingredients.

Main photo source: Rostislav Glinsky / Shutterstock

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