Italy. A Ukrainian woman raped by a migrant, Giorgia Melon, has published the video. Twitter removed the video

Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Italian extreme right who leads the race for the office of prime minister, posted a video on Twitter showing the rape of a 55-year-old Ukrainian woman in Italy. The video was removed by Twitter, and the politician herself received a wave of criticism.

Meloni released a blocked video on Sunday night. She wrote that she could not remain silent in the face of “this awful act of sexual violence”. The entry was heavily criticized by both Meloni’s political rivals and advocacy activists human rightswho accused the right-wing politician of exacerbating the victim’s tragedy by publishing a recording without her consent.

On Tuesday morning, the tweet was removed stating that it “violated Twitter’s rules.”

On Monday, Meloni explained on Twitter that she had decided to post a video to “express solidarity with the victim, condemn what happened and demand justice.”

Giorgia Meloni Pier Marco Tacca / Getty Images

Ukrainian woman raped by a migrant

As Reuters writes, the incident took place in the northern part of Piacenza in the north Italian. Local authorities said a 55-year-old Ukrainian woman was attacked on the street on Sunday morning by a Guinean migrant seeking asylum in Italy. The police informed that the man had been arrested and that an investigation had been initiated.

The rape was recorded by one of the residents who saw the incident from a window. Before being posted on the Internet, the video was blocked, making it impossible to identify the victim. You can hear a woman’s loud crying on the video, writes Reuters.

Italian authorities said they are checking how the recording was leaked to the network. The case is also being investigated by the state supervisory body dealing with the protection of personal data.

Future Prime Minister?

Parliamentary elections will be held on September 25 in Italy. The best chance of victory, they indicate polls, has a right-wing coalition that includes the Giorgia Meloni Brothers party. Everything indicates that it is she who will take the office of prime minister, as the first woman in the history of this country.

Main photo source: RICCARDO ANTIMIANI / ANSA / PAP / EPA

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