It will be harder to get beer from Poland. Breweries will be closing

– The first serious difficulties came in 2020 with the excise duty increase by 10%. in the first month and the coronavirus pandemic in the following. Beer as a drink subject to seasonality and the consumption patterns of which are related to HoReCa and large events recorded significant sales drops at that time. New problems faced by manufacturers today – increase in prices, energy costs, barriers in obtaining raw materials, that despite the lifting of pandemic restrictions, the condition of the breweries is not improving. We also received with great concern the information about the second 10% increase in excise duty on beer in two years. and 5 percent each. in the next five years – said the director general of ZPPP – Browary Polskie, BartÅ‚omiej Morzycki, quoted in the announcement.

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As a consequence, 94 percent. brewers believe that the conditions for doing business have worsened, even in relation to the periods of strict restrictions caused by the pandemic. 26.6 percent even the termination of operations is considered for the breweries.

The main difficulties in running a business, which currently over 95% of people are concerned about. entrepreneurs from the brewing industry, are related to the growing costs of fuels, energy and raw materials (97% of indications), the availability of raw materials (62.3%) and an increase in tax burdens (54.1%). They may translate into a further decrease in sales, as well as suspension of investments and reduction of employment. From the SW Research study shows that more than every fourth brewery on the market (28%) intends to withdraw from planned investments, almost half (45.3%) does not plan to increase employment, and a significant part (23.4%) will reduce it, underlined.

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