It will be a “Russian catastrophe”. Experts say where Putin miscalculated

– The Russian military is currently not equipped to deploy 300,000 people quickly and efficiently. reservists, said CNN Alex Lord, European and Eurasia specialist at strategic analysis firm Sibylline in London. “Russia is already fighting to effectively equip its professional forces in Ukraine after significant losses of equipment during the war,” he added.

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According to a report by the Institute of War Studies, Russia has lost 50 to 90 percent of its capacity in some units. your strength. In addition, there are huge losses in military equipment. Russian forces have lost more than 6,300 vehicles, including 1,168 tanks, since the beginning of the fighting, as established by the Oryx intelligence site, which uses data supported by photos or recordings. “In practice, they don’t have enough modern equipment for that many new soldiers,” said Jakub Janowski, a military analyst who co-writes the Oryx blog, on CNN.

Experts say that even if the Russians had all the necessary equipment, weapons and – importantly – motivation, quick training of 300,000. soldiers would be impossible. There are currently neither a sufficient number of officers nor the appropriate facilities in Russia to carry out the mobilization. Alex Lord of Sybilline said it would take at least three months to assemble, train and deploy Russian reservists. – And then we will be in the depths of the Ukrainian winter – he added.

Mark Hertling, a former US Army General and CNN analyst, said he had seen with his own eyes how poor Russian training could be. In his opinion, “putting novices on the front lines”, and those who do not want to be there at all, “heralds even more Russian catastrophes.” The news of the Russian mobilization “stunned him”, he said on Twitter.


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