It was supposed to be an enjoyable plane trip. Suddenly, the passenger next to her lifted her legs

If in plane we will not reserve a seat next to people we know, we never know who will sit next to us. Thus, we cannot guarantee that a trip that was supposed to be pleasant and comfortable will not turn into a real nightmare. An example of this is a photo posted by the very popular Facebook profile “A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge” specializing in extraordinary stories from airplanes.

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The plane passenger operated the touch screen with bare feet

In the published photo, we see one of the passengers an airplane that operates the touchscreen with your toes. Moreover, there are no socks on the feet.

– we read in the description of the distasteful photo.

The photo caused a lot of emotions among Internet users who did not hide their indignation at what they saw. Many people pointed out that such behavior on board planes should simply be banned.

– disgusted Internet users commented.

Photos of the embarrassing behavior of plane passengers are regularly uploaded to the network. An example would be a woman – the owner of long hair, who decided to toss it behind her armchair. Thus, the strands fell on the table of the man sitting behind her. Some passengers, to feel comfortable, take off their shoes, for example, and put their feet on the adjacent seat. They do not pay attention to the comfort of other people flying with them. Another bad habit of passengers is walking barefoot on the plane, including even to the toilet.