It was supposed to be a major renovation, but it ended up being demolished. “We were deceived for 74,000. zloty”

It was supposed to be a major renovation, but it ended up being demolished.  “We were deceived for 74,000.  zloty”

It was supposed to be a major renovation, but it ended up being demolished. “We were deceived for 74,000. zloty”

Until recently, the heroes of our report did not know about their existence. Their paths crossed only thanks to a builder who was supposed to renovate their apartments.

– Usually crews that are recommended by many people do not have short deadlines, so we decided to advertise on the Internet and find a crew – says Michał Biernacki. He adds: – About 10 teams applied. We decided on Mr. Krzysztof. He gave the impression of a composed, self-confident person. He knew where to look. As for the price point, it was neither too cheap nor too expensive.

– He was empathetic. He seemed to be an expert, when I told him that I wanted to do something, he knew what it was about – says Ewa Makiewicz.

– He appeared as a wonderful man, a gentleman. Nice and gentle. He showed all the documents – says Iwona Skop. And he adds: – He said that to keep the business going, he is ready to renovate me for 21,000. PLN, so at the beginning he left about 9 thousand. zloty.

Ms. Iwona, just like other clients of Krzysztof G., signed a contract that defined the scope of renovation works and penalties for the contractor in the event of delays or possible failures. After paying the advances and agreeing the details, the renovation team began work.

– When it was about smashing, demolition of walls, the work was progressing and we saw the effects. Everything stopped when something had to be built, says Michał Biernacki. And he adds: – It turned out that Mr. Krzysztof, apart from some random people who know how to destroy, has no team of his own. There is no tiler, wall specialist or electrician. The whole construction stopped at the moment when the removal of rubble ended.

– Of the work I commissioned, only a typical demolition was made. Demolition and enlargement of door openings – confirms Mrs. Iwona. And he adds: – First of all, I was tired of the advance payments he demanded, which I had to deliver every week or two. The money was supposed to be for paints, glues, cables, sockets. So I lost 17,000. zloty.

It turned out to be impossible to recover money from Krzysztof G., because the man stopped answering calls from clients and did not respond to text messages.

– We started to pull out stronger guns in the form of pre-trial summons to perform works that were not completed on time. It ended with a settlement. Mr. Krzysztof acknowledged the entire debt, including contractual penalties. The total amount of debt up to PLN 74 thousand. zloty. We agreed with him for monthly installments of 2,000. PLN, paid us two, and then fell silent – says Mr. Michał.

The man then went to court.

– The court issued a final order for payment of the entire amount, including interest. I did not get my money back, as far as I know, we are now helpless – regrets Mr. Michał.

12 thousand zloty

Ewa signed a contract with Krzysztof G. for the renovation of the flat and paid 12,000 zlotys in advance. When on the same day she read negative reviews about his company online, she immediately demanded a refund of the advance and termination of the contract. She made an appointment with him, recorded the entire conversation on a dictaphone.

– He came on Sunday. He was supposed to give me the advance payment, but for about 40 minutes he argued that he already had another company. People wrote badly about his employees that they were random people and constantly drinking – says Ewa Makiewicz.

Ewa said no.

He finally agreed to give me the money back. I signed the contract to accept the return. As I signed it, he took a picture. And I say, “I want money.” He stated that he had money in the car – the woman reports.

– As I was, in lapels and pajama bottoms, I went out with him to the car. He started calling somewhere, I asked – where are the money and the car – says Ewa.

“I don’t have any money with me. I didn’t take them because I wanted to get along,” the man explained after a while.

Ms. Ewa demanded that Mr. Krzysztof sign that he had not given her any money. She also said she would call the police.

“Five minutes pass and you call the police, this can’t be. How did I not account? I settled my accounts, I don’t know where you got the money. You have signed, you took the money and now you are calling,” you can hear in the recording.

“He wrote me a statement that he would return it within two days, but he wouldn’t sign it. He said he’d sign it when I called off the police. He finally signed it. I took this paper and wanted to hide it with this contract. Then he pushed me against the wall. He snatched a statement from me that he would refund me, tore it up and the police showed up at that time. I told them what the situation was and I heard that they were not interested, that it was a civil matter and I should go to court with it – the woman reports.


Krzysztof G. still offers his renovation services on the Internet. We decided to make an appointment with him to renovate a fictitious apartment. We posted the job offer for the renovation team on the same portal used by the heroes of our report. Soon Krzysztof G. called back.

We made an appointment at one of the Warsaw housing estates.

The man stated that the renovation could start today. When the journalist revealed that he was working at Uwadze!, Krzysztof G. headed for the car.

“I haven’t deceived anyone,” he said.

What can the victims do in such a situation?

– The last resort in this case will be a civil court. Unfortunately, in cases involving several thousand zlotys, we sometimes have to wait up to three years – says attorney Piotr Kaszewiak.

And what to do to get your money back faster?

– There is no other alternative. The prosecutor is the last resort. The prosecutor would have to prove to the court that when accepting the order from us, he assumed in advance that he would not perform it. As a rule, these people explain to the police or the prosecutor’s office that there were some complications and some life issues that got in their way – says Attorney Kaszewiak. But he adds: – If it turns out that such a person explains himself in this way, and at the same time several, a dozen or so injured people have come forward, then in my opinion there is no doubt that such people act in violation of the law.

– We knew from the beginning that we would not let go, that we would fight, not even for this money, because this issue has calmed down as far as my emotions are concerned, but I would like Mr. Krzysztof not to hurt other people, because we know how it affects us everything was reflected – says Mr. Michał.

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