It was supposed to be a Belarusian motorcycle, and the flap came out. Lukashenko was furious

During the visit of Alexander Lukashenka, the director of the factory, Mikalaj Laducka, convinced him that Belarus was entirely responsible for the creation of the motorcycle. – The design, idea and construction are ours – he said.

However, Internet users quickly found out that they were far from the truth. The French Mash X-Ride, assembled in China, was shown under the brand of the Belarusian motorcycle. The only difference is the sticker. The words Mash replaced MINSK, but the X-Ride stayed where it was. Such a motorcycle in Great Britain costs about 5 thousand. pounds.

The lie was revealed when Alexander Lukashenko started asking about the origin of the various parts of the vehicle. – What’s your own here? Headlights, discs, engine? Asked the dictator.

In response, the plant director admitted that all parts were sourced from China. The company is only responsible for the assembly.

The answer upset the politician. – Nothing to see here. It will not succeed. It is useless – he said in a raised voice, which can be seen in the video below.

Lukashenko ordered the director to be replaced “by someone younger”. He humbly accepted this discharge. In front of the cameras, he said that the leader’s words were not criticism, but “fatherly words.”

Public scolding of officials and directors is part of the Eastern style of state governance. Alexander Lukashenko has done it many times because it makes him popular.

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