It was he who created the famous reportage about Macierewicz. A strong commentary in the Onet program

Let us recall in the report entitled “The Power of Lie” presents the results of research that contradicted the thesis about the explosion in the wing of the presidential Tu-154 aircraft. The information collected by Świerczek shows that the subcommittee hid evidence that did not fit the solution of the “mystery” of the Smolensk catastrophe promoted by Macierewicz.

– It’s not just about the American report. There are more documents. Macierewicz also hid several European analyzes of famous disaster researchers, hid his own photos, his own research, and photos from experiments. Anything that did not fit the assassination thesis. The report of the Americans clearly shows that they do not confirm the thesis about the outbreaks that an ordinary catastrophe was possible – Świerczek pointed out in “Onet Opinions”.

– We called our material “The Power of Lie”. And that’s a strong title. Because what PiS politicians have been promoting for years as “the Smolensk lie”, this slogan turned against them. It turns out that those who talked about the bombs and the plane explosion in this case are lying, ‘he said.

What next? – I hope that those who, until the time I edited this material, did not have enough courage to say what my three interlocutors said, will begin to speak. The material does not contain direct statements by the author of this report, nor are there statements by three well-known European researchers who did not agree to the interview. Why? Macierewicz forced them to sign such a clause that they must remain silent. I guess they were not prepared for a confrontation with a commission that works on a political order. They cannot say anything, they cannot even confront Macierewicz and say: you have used our authority, Świerczek pointed out.

– I have to protect my sources, my informants, but politicians have no right to hide evidence that there was a catastrophe in Smolensk. The Commission should use everything it has in its drawers, he stressed.

More information coming soon.

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