It sucks. Lukashenka went berserk after visiting the Belarusian factory

On Sunday, the President of Belarus visited a motorcycle factory in the capital of the country, where the “Minsk” two-wheelers once known throughout the USSR were produced. The factory management was to show the leader a new version of the motorcycle.

The company representative boasted that there was a “new model in front of the dictator, which enjoyed great popularity”. Lukashenka first praised the motorcycle, but then he began to inundate the entrepreneur with questions.

– What’s your own here? asked Lukashenka. “Design and assembly,” replied the representative. He admitted that all spare parts come from China, even tires, although there is a plant in Belarus that produces them.

This angered the Belarusian dictator. Lukashenka started asking for individual spare parts. – Whose spotlight? – Chinese. – Shields? – Also. – Engine? – Chinese. Lukashenka asked what he would do if “sanctions are introduced tomorrow”. The entrepreneur tried to explain himself, but the Belarusian dictator did not calm down.

Then the dictator said it was “time to do his job” and “fed up with assembling imported spare parts.” – Is this your venture? Remember that Belarusians have already eaten this import – summed up Lukashenka, barely holding back his anger.

It is worth emphasizing that “Minsk” is a well-known and appreciated brand of motorcycles, scooters, quads and snowmobiles in the post-Soviet area, manufactured by the Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle Factory in Belarus.


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