It is warm and pleasant to the touch. The hit vest is now available in Lidl

Do you know the dilemma when it is too warm for a thick jacket, but too cold for a sweatshirt? A vest is then a great solution. Comfortable, practical, and also looks great. In Lidl you can buy it for less than PLN 50.

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It fits perfectly with leggings or tight jeans. You can wear it with a turtleneck, shirt or sweater. This vest not only warms wonderfully, but also gives character and character to any outfit. It costs only PLN 49.99 in Lidl.

The Esmara vest is a real fall hit. Animal lovers do not have to worry because the fur is artificial.

Esmara Women’s faux fur vest – Press materials

The model is available in two colors: black and beige and in sizes from XS to L. The vest has a V-shaped neckline, and an imitation leather belt and is fastened with hooks.

It is worth remembering that a fur vest always gives a wow effect. So you don’t need many additions to it. It’s easy to overdo it with such styling, so it’s better to focus on simple cuts and minimalist jewelry.

However, if the vest does not appeal to you and you prefer to have your shoulders covered, check this jacket from Lidl. It is light and warm, perfect for the autumn chill.

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