It is known why Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki split up. What were they arguing about? – Super Express

It is known why Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki split up. What were they arguing about? – Super Express

Rumors that their relationship is in the past had been circulating for several weeks. At last Julia Wieniawa and Nikodem Rozbicki dispelled all doubts, by posting a photo from a joint trip to Great Britain on the web. “Yes, we are no longer together, but we have an ocean of goodness and an intergalactic bond to each other. Cheers from London! ” – posted on Instagram, and then went to a Halloween party. Julia has already returned from the trip alone …

What went wrong with this beautiful account? After all, not so long ago, at night, a couple was caught on the streets of Warsaw and they could not break off each other. LOOK: Hot night of Wieniawa and Rozbicki. They couldn’t help themselves in the middle of the street! [ZDJĘCIA]. However, it seems that the lovers did not have much time for each other.

– Julka is very busy. She recorded an album, toured all summer, she was not at home, and she was still playing in the series and running a clothing company. Nicodemus stayed with her so that they could see each other more often, but she was not at home anyway – a friend of the former couple tells us.

Apparently, there were also tensions between the young actors.

– We have strong temperaments, so there are differences of opinion, but then we try to find a common front or some thread of understanding – Rozbicki said in one of the interviews.

Was it about money? It is known, after all, that Wieniawa is one of the highest-earning Polish stars. Nicodemus is not doing that well.

– It’s not nice to talk about the cash register. But we have a deal that we do this fifty-fifty in partnership – Nicodemus once confessed and assured that “money is not a problem for them.” But are you sure? Internet users are very divided.

One thing is for sure, Julia Wieniawa does not despair. Instead, she threw herself back into the vortex of work. Moments after reporting the breakup of her relationship announced a tour all over Poland. She will hardly be home again by the end of the year.


Did Wieniawa and Rozbicki fit together?

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