ISW: Secret talks behind Putin, Kadyrov and Prigozhin increase their influence

ISW: Secret talks behind Putin, Kadyrov and Prigozhin increase their influence

Members of the faction in favor of the war “siloviki” They increase their influence to strengthen their own interests in Russia and in the occupied territories of Ukraine, and not only to win the war, writes the Institute of International Affairs.

Prigożyn’s ambitions

Prigozhin aims to strengthen its independent political base, and the recent opening of a business center, the so-called Wagner groups in St. Petersburg may indicate that he wants to infiltrate the local business community. Kadyrov is trying to develop his business network in the occupied Ukrainian territories.

As analysts point out, Russian journalists often ask Prigozhin, associated with the mercenary company Wagner Group, about his ambitions regarding power. Prigozhin himself denied this many times, but the questions asked already show that he has created a vision in the public opinion that he can take a position that gives power.

The very fact of the ongoing discussions on this topic contradicts Putin’s positioning of himself for years Russia’s only possible leader – experts point out.

They add that Prigożyn most likely does access to key people in the Kremlin. The Ukrainian National Resistance Center reported that the businessman had an unofficial meeting with the head of Putin’s administration Anton Wajno. The talks were supposed to be about Putin’s negative influence on the actions of the Russian army and the criticism of the Russian commanders.

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