ISW: Russia is likely to withdraw some of its forces from the front lines

In the latest report, the US Institute for War Research (ISW) estimated that Russia will probably have to withdraw some of its troops from the front line in order to maintain control over the occupied Crimea. In recent days and weeks, the peninsula has experienced numerous attacks on Russia’s military infrastructure.

ISW reminds you that on Saturday, it was announced about another drone attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

“Russian occupation officials in Crimea are probably considering strengthening security on the peninsula after attacks on Russian military infrastructure, and such moves may distract Russian security services from the front line,” we read.

ISW writes, citing the governor of Crimea, Mikhail Razvożayev, appointed by the Russians, that the entire security service in Sevastopol operates in “high alert” mode and controls all entries to the city. Razvažaev argues that residents demand more patrols and the creation of new checkpoints.

The Institute points out that the Russians engaged various formations responsible for security in the fight, including the National Guard.

Consequently, “they will probably have to withdraw some of these forces from the front lines and from security tasks elsewhere in order to protect occupied Crimea.”

On Tuesday, August 16, there was a series of incidents in the Crimea. Near Jankoy it happened explosion in ammunition depot – according to the Russian Defense Ministry, “Ukrainian saboteurs” are to blame. The tracks in the Simferopol region were damaged. There was also a fire in the transformer station.

It had a special echo a series of explosions at the base in Novofedorivka on August 9as a result of which were destroyed, among others military planes. The official reason has not been given, but Ukrainian services are suspected of the attacks.

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