ISW: Partisan attacks thwarted Russia’s plans

Ukrainian interview The military (HUR) reported on Friday that the self-proclaimed authorities had “almost finished” preparations for illegal referenda. Nevertheless, the Russians are unlikely to be able to carry them out in accordance with their intentions due to the friction within the occupation administrations as well attacks by Ukrainian guerrillas – informed ISW.

No trust in collaborators

Loyal to Kiev, deputy head of the Kherson oblast council Serhiy Chlan He announced on Friday that the invaders were having difficulty finding people to take on the leadership of the departments coordinating the preparations for the pseudo-referenda. This is probably due to the reluctance of the local population to cooperate with the enemy and distrust of collaborators.

According to Chłania President Russia Vladimir Putin he could order the occupation authorities not to bring Russian officials to the occupied territories. This would create the appearance that pseudo-referenda are organized at the initiative of the residents. At the same time, Ukrainian sources informed about the activities of the resistance movement and partisan attacks, which are disrupting the preparations, emphasized the Institute of Foreign Affairs.

The situation at the front

At the front, on Friday, Russian forces launched limited ground attacks near Izium in the Kharkiv region and near Bakhmut and Donetsk in the Donetsk region. However, Russia has neither achieved nor announced any new territorial gains, the report said.

Ukrainian troops continued to attack Russia’s land communication lines and military infrastructure in the Kherson region. Ukrainian partisans still threaten the occupation authorities in the areas of Ukraine occupied by the aggressor, he added.

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