Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Australian ambassador

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Australian ambassador

Australia on Tuesday reversed the previous government’s decision to recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, declaring that the city’s status should be resolved through peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong – quoted by Reuters – said Australia “will always be Israel’s steadfast friend” and was committed to a two-state solution where Israel and a future Palestinian state coexist peacefully within internationally recognized boundaries.

The government “renews Australia’s commitment to international efforts to responsibly pursue progress towards a fair and sustainable two-state solution,” declared Minister Wong.

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In December 2017, the then US President, Donald Trump announced that Washington recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that the cabinet of the former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as one of the first governments in the world, followed the example of the United States.

The Trump administration also moved the US embassy to Jerusalem over time, but the Australian mission remained in Tel Aviv.

“I regret that Mr. Morrison’s decision has changed Australia’s stance and the anxiety these changes have caused to many people in the Australian community who are deeply concerned about this issue,” said the head of the Australian Foreign Office.

In recent days, the website of the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been “quietly updated” and the information that Canberra has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state has been removed.

The Labor party of the current prime minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, announced before the election that in the event of a win, it would withdraw the decision of the conservative Morrison’s cabinet on Jerusalem.

Trump’s decision sparked protests in many Arab and Muslim countries. The United States vetoed the UN Security Council resolution calling for its withdrawal.

Jerusalem’s status has been at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for years. Trump’s declaration has been read in the world as a clear stand on the side of Israel and a violation of the international consensus that the status of the city is a matter for both countries.

The Israeli embassy in Canberra closed on Tuesday and did not respond promptly to Reuters’ request for comment.

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Source: The Spectator, PAP

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