Israel: 3,300 years old tomb cave discovered

“It’s like the Indiana Jones movie set, a cave with utensils on the floor that hasn’t been touched in 3,300 years,” said Eli Yannai, an IAA expert, referring to the series of adventure films about the archaeologist Indiana Jones. According to Yannai, the cave was built during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II, who expanded his empire from Egypt along the Mediterranean coast to Syria.

“It is not known by whom the burial site was used,” writes the Israeli daily Haaretz, citing the IAA. It must have served as a burial place for a family or group of people for several generations. Some bodies were laid on their backs, others apparently moved. However, the remains do not allow DNA analysis to be carried out. However, there is hope that the remains in the bowls and jars will provide information. This would at least make it possible to determine what the inhabitants of these lands at that time ate.

It is true that the Palmachie cave was not looted by gravediggers like many others in antiquity. But apparently, modern thieves managed to steal a few exhibits. After finding and opening the seal on Friday, the IAA imposed a ban on media access to the excavation site. This news, however, circulated on social media. And apparently unauthorized persons managed to enter the cave despite the presence of the guards.

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